Under the Heather Books is dedicated to recognizing and promoting women and authors of color, although I do occasionally read books by white males. These authors deserve not only to be recognized, but to have a place of their own, where they and their readers can come and find exciting reads from diverse perspectives. I also love featuring work by trans authors and authors writing with an LGBTQ perspective. I’m a feminist, and I read like one, so bring on the complex, flawed, strong, honest, incredible female authors and characters that I know are out there diving for the spotlight!

Writing book reviews keeps me honest. It gives me a chance to distill the swirl of ideas that swarm my brain after I turn the last page of a novel. And hopefully, it helps YOU decide which books are worth reading, so that you too can find books that loose your wild soul!


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  1. Thank you for your nice book review on Amazon of my book Across the Mekong River. I do appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I would just mention that all of the story line, though fiction, is taken from the real life stories of Hmong I either met and interviewed or read about in nonfiction books. I’m very happy to find your site and see a number of books that I love on your home page: Cold Sassy Tree, Th e Nightingale and others. I will follow your reviews. All my best,, Elaine Russell

    • Thank you so much for clearing that up! I’ll update my review to reflect what you’ve told me. I admire the way you made those stories come to life. And thank you for your interest in my blog!

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