Literary Apothecary

Welcome to the Literary Apothecary pilot program! This is a new service I’m offering through my site in which you can fill out a survey and get a free book, picked especially for you, sent to you in the mail.

Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself, “That was the absolute perfect book for this moment in my life“? Yeah, me too. But when you’re in a reading slump or at the end of a good run of books, sometimes it can be hard to know which book will be a good fit for your next read.

Well, worry no longer! You can now fill out a simple survey and I will use all of my knowledge (from my experience as a reader and a librarian) to find you a book that I think will resonate with you. In addition to the book, you will also get a note explaining why I picked out the book, pointing to sections I think you might especially enjoy, and a list of other books/authors to try if you want similar books to read in the future.

And the best part is, you get all of this free of charge! Thanks to the generous support of my readers, friends, and family, I have raised enough money to fund the pilot program so that I can experiment and get feedback before turning this into a bigger service. Even after the pilot program ends I’m hoping to keep it pro-bono, but that all depends on finding a sustainable source of cash for books and shipping.

Sound interesting? You bet it does! I can’t wait to share this service with you đŸ™‚ but first, I need help reaching my goal so that I can get this program started.

Please visit and make a donation, or share the link on Facebook with your friends. Every little bit counts, and each donor get automatic entry into the pilot program as well as some cool swag.

Thanks for your help!